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Our certifications

Plushie only works with BSCI and/or SEDEX audited factories.

SMETA audit

SMETA – The world’s most widely used audit. Businesses use SMETA to understand and make improvements to working conditions and environmental performance in their business and supply chain.

GRS - Certification for recycled textiles and fillings.

GRS – Certification for recycled textiles and fillings.

BSCI - Improving social performance in global supply chains.

BSCI – Improving social performance in global supply chains.

Safety Testing:

Your manufactured toys are designed to meet various safety certifications and standards. Ensuring that your products comply with these standards is essential for the safety of children and peace of mind for parents and caregivers.

EN71 Parts 1, 2 & 3:

These are European safety standards for toys. Part 1 deals with mechanical and physical properties, Part 2 with flammability, and Part 3 with migration of certain elements.


The CE mark is a mandatory conformity marking for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). It signifies that the product meets all relevant EU regulations, including safety standards.


This is the United Kingdom Conformity Assessed mark, which is used in the UK after Brexit to indicate compliance with UK product safety regulations.


ASTM International is an organisation that develops and publishes technical standards for various products, including toys. Compliance with ASTM standards ensures toy safety in the United States.


This refers to the Australian and New Zealand toy safety standards, ensuring that your toys meet the safety requirements for these markets.


ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) standards may cover various aspects of toy safety, including manufacturing and labelling.


This refers to Japan’s safety standards for toys, ensuring that your toys are safe for the Japanese market.

Using an independent testing lab for safety testing and pre-delivery inspections helps ensure that your toys meet the necessary safety requirements and can provide confidence to both your company and consumers.

Plushie Ltd Insurances:

Employers Liability: £10,000,000

Public Liability: £5,000,000

Product Liability: £5,000,000