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Creating more sustainable plush toys

Our process

Our minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces and we have a factory capacity of 5,000,000 pieces every month.

How the magic happens...

1. Share your idea with us

This needn’t be anything fancy, just a rough scribble and a written brief describing what you’re after. Please include size, colour & fabric styles if possible. A few reference screenshots can help too.

2. Toy development & design specifications

We will develop your idea into a workable plush toy prototype, ready for your approval. We limit the amount of to-ing and fro-ing at this stage, keeping prototype amendments to a minimum.

3. Prototype samples & manufacturing patterns

Once your design specifications have been approved, we will create a development sample, followed by your finished prototype.

Manufacturing patterns are developed and used to produce a pre-production sample (PPS), once your manufacturing order has been placed.

4. Plush toy manufacture

We will give you an estimated manufacturing cost before prototyping. This is an estimated cost and will be confirmed once we have a fully finished prototype.

When we receive your bulk manufacturing order we will develop a pre-production sample (PPS) for final approval.

Our manufacturing costs are landed costs and include manufacturing, safety testing, pre delivery inspection and shipping.